Hydraulic System


The standard load-sensing variable flow hydraulic system provides full force and pressure at any engine speed. Benefits are fuel savings, extended component life and quiet operation while placing heavy loads.


Open center gear pump on the 310J/310SJ requires maximum engine speed for maximum flow and pressure resulting in higher fuel consumption, wasted horsepower and equipment wear and tear. The higher value, load sensing hydraulics are only available in the Total Machine Control (TMC) option, or in larger models.




All-new cab.

Standard foot operated tilt steering on the 420E/430E.

On the 420E/430E, operator has full control to enable or disable the joysticks. The machine does not shut off the controls automatically.


Tilt steering is now standard on the J Series, still operated by a hand lever.

The joysticks are automatically disabled with seat movement and engine switch that can cause confusion or inconvenience.

• Pilot operated backhoe controls reside on separate pods, requiring the operator to independently move them into position.


Outer Sliding Extendible Stick


Standard thumb ready mounts.

Simplified serviceability. Clean out port in the stick end serves as a service access.

E-stick has bolt-on wear pads that are easily adjusted in the field. Wedge shaped pads speed the adjustment for a snug fit. Greaseless design requires no shims.


Welding is necessary to mount thumb.

Must separate halves to service.

Extensive service is required to shim the top and bottom wear pads. Note: The J Series introduced small side wear pads, only one pad per side.

• Though the design continues to be found in the field with grease, it is promoted as greaseless.


Backhoe Performance


The 416E backhoe is efficient and powerful with state-of-the-art load-sensing hydraulics.

Pilot operated joystick controls in the 420E and 430E provide control and comfort in world class trenching and lifting applications.


Roller Controls on Pilot Operated Joysticks


Ergonomic thumb wheels on the 420E/430E control the E-Stick and auxiliary hydraulics for one or two-way flow.


Mechanical foot pedals continue to operate the extendible stick and auxiliary hydraulics, excluding the “TMC” option for the 310SJ and 410J.


Hydraulic Thumbs


Factory-installed hydraulic thumbs are available for all factory buckets and coupler combinations. Bolt-on tines convert for different configurations.


Factory installed thumbs are not available.


Increased Loader Performance


The single tilt loader on the E-Series provides a powerful, yet smooth operation for all material handling. Whether backfilling or truck loading, this efficient loader is easy to use productively.

A new torque limiter development divides engine power more effectively between the loader hydraulics and drive train.


Productivity data not yet available for machines equipped with Tier 3 engines per this writing.


Improved Travel Performance


Roading speed increased to 40 km/h (25 mph).

2WD with four-wheel braking mode provides faster stops with less rear tire skidding and wear. Holding capability facing downhill is greatly improved.


310SJ maximum level speed is now 36.9 km/h (22.9 mph).

Improved braking is achieved only with 4WD, increasing wear of drive train and tires on hard surfaces.


Enhanced On Board Electronics


AccuGrade™ Site Reference System for Backhoe Loaders provides an integrated on-board site survey system and reduces manual labor.

Product Link captures hours, location and diagnostics and enables health watch.


Offered as an option, the Deere Global Vehicle Communications System locates machines and captures service hour meter readings only.


Backhoe Buckets


Single pin design makes the backhoe bucket dig a deeper vertical wall and then takes the spoil up and over a truck side in the same cycle.

The new DRS230 tooth system (Diagonal Retention System with 58.4 mm [2.30 in] wide bucket adapters) is easily accessed with a punch and hammer to change teeth.


Single pin design still does not match the Cat vertical wall capability.

Horizontal pin retention makes changing teeth difficult. A special tool is used to help.