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Cat Coolant Special



If you own a newer piece of Cat® equipment, you probably haven’t given coolant much thought. That’s
because your machine came factory-filled with Cat Coolant that lasts for up to 12,000 hours* — four times
longer than a conventional coolant. It’s hands-off and worry-free.

During those 12,000 hours, Cat Coolants provide excellent protection against boiling and freezing to prevent
component degradation. And because they’re formulated specifically for the exacting standards of Cat
equipment, they offer superior protection against corrosion, scaling and deposits.

Let us help you match the right Cat Coolant to your machine, whether you need Extended Life Coolant (ELC)
or Extended Life Inhibitor (ELI™), Diesel Engine Antifreeze Coolant (DEAC™) or Natural Gas Antifreeze
Coolant (NGEC™) – make sure it has the Cat name. Your fleet depends on it.

*Add Cat ELC Extender at 6,000 service hours or one half of the service life.



Foley’s Fluid Analysis Lab operates as a Caterpillar Certified Full Service facility, utilizing the industry’s latest
technology to receive accurate results on virtually any make or model of equipment. With more than thirty years of
experience, and more than 1,000 fluid samples processed daily, we have become your trusted service advisor and
partner – even other Cat Dealers use our services!

Reduce unnecessary downtime and maximize productivity by making informed decisions regarding the health of your
fleet. It’s really as simple as purchasing a kit, extracting samples, and handing it off to us to do the rest of the work.

Come visit us today to see what our facility is capable of, visit our website, or give us a call. We’d love to work with
you to help protect your investment.



Almost everyone recognizes the need for regular oil and filter changes, but many people overlook cooling system
maintenance and monitoring. The cooling system is critical to the efficient performance and long life of your engine.
Proper cooling affects many machine systems, including the transmission and hydraulics, which are cooled by heat
exchangers. Engines are the most likely to suffer from cooling problems. Overheating can reduce the lubricating
properties of engine oil, leading to excessive wear and failure of rings, liners, bearings and valves. Engines,
transmission and hydraulic systems all depend on a properly maintained and efficient cooling system to function at
optimum levels.

Foley offers a quick, low-cost way to evaluate the effectiveness of your coolant, check for contaminants and monitor
the condition of the cooling system and other major engine systems. Analysis is performed by trained technicians who
are cooling system experts, so you can count on accurate, dependable lab results, interpretations and


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