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3-5 Ton Class – Komatsu’s focus is 7+ ton machines, Caterpillar has more NACD experience in the smaller size classes

Control location and comfort – Komatsu does not focus on operator comfort when locating their controls on the feet

Controllability – Caterpillar’s hydraulics are designed with control modulation and machine stability in mind, smoother than Komatsu’s

Operator comfort – Small cab makes operator feel cramped and undersized A/C compressor does poor job cooling cab on hot days

Owning and Operating Costs – Cat hoses do not need replacement unless damaged, Komatsu requires replacement of all hydraulic hoses at 1,000 hours

Durability – Komatsu machines not built for second life like Cat machines, Machinery Trader shows drop in Komatsu re-sale value of up to 75% after 5 years

Caterpillar Dealer Service Capabilities


Machine Specifics

Cat 308D CR SB vs. Komatsu PC78MR-6