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Light Towers

Light Tower Rentals From Foley Rents

At New Jersey’s Foley Rents, we carry a wide range of rental light towers that are the perfect companion for any job site and will provide all the light you need, wherever you need it. Whether it’s a construction site, a concert or an outdoor wedding, our trailer-mounted light towers offer superior portability, effortless performance and exceptionally low operating costs.

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Adequate lighting at your construction site is critical for the quality and safety of your work. When your crews are working in low-light conditions (at dusk, dawn or night, and in tunnels or other sheltered spaces) they need ample lighting from a reliable source.

Portable light towers are also useful for a variety of other uses, such as outdoor events (including concerts, shows and weddings), temporary traffic control situations and emergencies.

How to Choose a Light Tower

 When you’re looking to add portable light to a work site or construction zone, there are several factors to consider:

  • Transportability: Available in different sizes, our light towers can be towed behind a vehicle for fast and easy transportation. The two-wheel construction and tongue jacks make maneuvering these light towers into position and installing them fast and easy.
  • Lighting performance: Choose your rental light tower according to the number and power of the individual lights. Most models include four bulbs for high intensity and a wide lighting pattern, and offer up to 5000 Watts of power for maximum lighting.
  • Distance and direction: The key to adequate lighting at your site or location is having the right height and orientation of your mast. Our rental light towers fold up for transportation and are easy to deploy so you can get the lights directed exactly where you need them.
  • Power source: We carry diesel-powered light towers, which allow for long running times and ease of refueling. Our well-maintained rental light towers have diesel engines that will offer reliable performance and economy.

Equipping your business with multiple light towers gives you flexibility to light different areas or different locations.  They’re compact and can be transported and positioned with little effort. When you need temporary or occasional lighting, don’t tie up your investment dollars in purchasing a light tower. Instead, opt for renting the equipment you need when you need it.

Genie Light Towers at a Glance

Foley rents the RL4000 light tower by Genie. The RL4000 is a highly portable, diesel-powered unit design to provide bright, reliable lighting in any situation. Notable features of the RL4000 include:

  • Four metal halide lamps providing a total 4000 watts of illumination
  • An efficient 13.6 horsepower Kubota diesel engine delivering 60 hours of lighting on a single tank
  • 30 foot height at full extension; 359 degree non-continuous power rotation
  • A compact design that makes it possible to move as many as 10 towers on a single truck, saving you time and transportation costs
  • 71 dBa sound level at 23 feet, making the RL400 suitable for use in locations where noise bylaws are a concern

For more detailed specs about the RL4000, contact the Foley team today.

Why Rent?

If you have long term light tower needs, renting may not seem like the best option compared to buying outright. However, renting offers a number of advantages, including freeing up capital and credit that can be used for other expenses. Renting also saves you money on storage, maintenance and upkeep costs, as all our light tower rentals come fully serviced and ready to go.

When you rent a light tower from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware’s Foley, you can benefit from on-site installation support, 24-hour emergency assistance and a number of other value-added services. Find out more by speaking with a rental representative today.