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At Foley, Inc., we’ll proudly serve as your authorized dealer of Weiler Paving Products in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Staten Island. Located in Knoxville, Iowa, Weiler manufactures equipment for the paving market. Weiler products are based on proven designs that have a successful track record in the field.

The base designs for the self-propelled road wideners and asphalt windrow elevators were created by Barber-Greene, a company that was purchased by Caterpillar in the early 1990s. Weiler purchased the designs from Cat® in 2005 and established the Weiler brand name. Since then, there have made updates based on input from our customers and introduced extensions to both lines. Weiler’s mission is to continue to invest in improvements and fill other needs in the paving market. When you choose Weiler Paving Products, you should know you’re getting equipment that represents the latest and greatest in industry technology and innovation.

Browse a sample of Weiler’s paving equipment, material transfer vehicles, and pavers in the sections below, and contact the team at Foley, Inc. if you have any questions about Weiler equipment or paving equipment in general. We’re always here to help you make the best decisions around heavy-duty equipment.

Featured Weiler Paving Machines & Products

Weiler Asphalt Pavers

Pavers are used to lay asphalt and other surfacing materials to create roads, parking lots, bridges, and similar spaces. Creating infrastructure can be difficult and demanding work, and it requires high-quality equipment. When you choose paving equipment from Weiler Paving, you’re getting tools that help you do your best work while completing it efficiently. The effectiveness of Weiler paving products helps projects stay on time and under budget while also helping teams deliver outstanding results. Learn more about various Weiler paving equipment below.

P195 Paver

The Weiler P195 incorporates proven designs with new innovations to provide performance, reliability, and outstanding mat quality in a wide range of applications. It is built for production, offering a smooth ride, versatile screed, and great visibility and control for the operator. The 3’ 10” (1.16 m) front mount screed is hydraulically extendable to 7’ (2.13 m) and 9’ (2.74 m) with bolt-on extensions. It also has a narrow design build with a 46” (1.16 m) track width and 3’ 10” (1.16 m) screed allows the P195 to fit within a 4’ (1.2 m) cut for a true 4’ (1.2 m) paving width. Additionally, the hopper folds up for an overall machine width of 4’ 7” (1397 mm) for simple transport and access to tight spaces.

P265 Paver

The compact design of the P265 Weiler Paver provides maneuverability and versatility for the commercial paving contractor. With its simple operation, heavy-duty screed, precise control, and durable components, it is one of Foley’s most popular pavers. The Weiler P265 commercial paver provides heavy-duty components in a compact paver. The Weiler-designed 3,700 lb (1678 kg) screed delivers outstanding mat quality and a wide paving range. With a best-in-class undercarriage, 8’ (2.44 m) to 15’ 8” (4.80 m) paving range, highway-class conveyor chains and bearings, and Caterpillar dealer-inventoried parts, service, and support, the P385B delivers on parking lots, driveways, city streets and more.

P385A Paver

The P385A Paver complements the Caterpillar larger paver lineup. This paver is part of an impressive family of durable and reliable road equipment products from Weiler. Simple to operate, with proven performance and powerful results, this paver is built to withstand the rigors of the toughest road jobs while delivering outstanding results. The Cat C3.4 Tier 4 engine with 100 HP delivers quiet power to the 20,500 lb. paver. Independent control of the left and right side feeder system enables variable-width paving. The Weiler-designed electric screed heat is hydraulically extendable from 8′ to 15′ 8″.

Remixing Transfer Vehicles

Most paving projects require hot mix asphalt — better known as HMA. HMA can be difficult to receive, store, transport, and manage unless you have the right material transfer vehicle. The line of Weiler paving equipment includes elevators and other material transfer vehicles that are designed to help with the difficult task of handling HMA and other paving materials. Again, when you choose quality Weiler paving products, you’ll be able to do better work and do it more quickly. Browse your various material handling equipment options in the space below.

E1250A Elevator

The E1250A allows for non-contact, non-stop paving. Twin interlaced augers remix both size- and temperature-segregated particles and narrow the material to enter the conveyor. The cover over the drop-through position forces all of the material to be mixed by the auger flight. Competitive mixing systems cover and fill the augers, rendering their mixing ability ineffective. This unit is also very versatile allowing for offset paving over barriers, string lines, or any obstacle making it difficult to get trucks in front of the paver for inline paving.


The E2850A is designed to keep demanding jobs moving with 25 tons of onboard storage providing increased trucking efficiencies while allowing for non-contact, non-stop paving. High-torque, direct-drive motors with loop flush cooling system located on the conveyor and elevators reduce heat stress within the hydraulic system for long-term operation. 18″ shifting operator platform and optional rear steer with 14′ turning radius optimize visibility and maneuverability.


This remixing transfer vehicle combines innovative and improved features while keeping your operating costs down. With 15 tons (13.6 mt) of onboard storage, triple pitch remix augers, and 600 tph (544 mtph) discharge capacity, the E1650 keeps the paving train moving while reducing particulate and thermal segregation for smooth, long-lasting roads. The variable speed elevator and conveyors allow the E1650 to match plant output while reducing wear. Along with rear-steer option, operators enjoy the narrow 8’ 6” (2.6 m) width from outside of tire to outside of tire of the E1650.

Why Purchase From Foley, Inc.?

As your source for high-quality equipment in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Staten Island, Foley, Inc. is proud to offer this wide selection of Weiler paving products. Since 1957, Foley, Inc. has served this region with equipment that meets the highest standards and service that helps area operations better maintain and use their equipment. We’ve curated an inventory of equipment options that include only leading brands and trusted manufacturers like Weiler. As a result, we’re able to ensure that our customers get value for their investments in equipment.

If you’re considering Weiler paving equipment or other products, remember that we’re always here to help. Contact us to ask questions or receive expert guidance as you browse through our selection and think through your paving equipment options.

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