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Diesel Emission Reduction

Foley has been successful in supporting several customers who have been approved for State Funding- let us assist you.

Off Road Diesel Emission Reduction Program

The United States Environmental Protection Agency Diesel Emission Reduction Act has federal money allocated for projects which reduce diesel emissions. Priorities are being given to construction equipment in urban and non-urban areas with high use.

By selecting Foley, Inc. as your Retrofit installer, you can take advantage of our extensive emissions Retrofit experience, which spans over ten years and includes several hundred pieces of equipment.

Contact us to schedule a complete fleet assessment. Retrofit installations for all chassis and engine manufacturers can be done at your location.

Tier IV Next Generation Products

Caterpillar designed Tier 4 Interim products with Tier 4 Final standards in mind. By planning ahead, we were able to minimize design changes and deliver the reliability and performance you demand. Every Tier 4 Final engine is equipped with a combination of proven electronic, fuel, air, and after-treatment components, based on engine size, application, and the geographic location in which it will work. Applying proven technologies systematically and strategically lets us meet your high expectations for productivity, fuel efficiency, reliability, and service life.

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