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Hydraulic Components

Hydraulic Hoses & Parts

Did you know that every piece of your sophisticated hydraulic system plays an important role in keeping your machine at top performance? When your hydraulic system isn’t performing its best, you may lose up to 20% machine efficiency and not even realize it. That equates to a day of lost production per week!

Caterpillar designs and manufactures hydraulic components to work as a system to meet the unique demands of Cat® equipment. The industry’s most rigorous testing, high-quality materials and carefully controlled manufacturing processes help Cat hydraulic components deliver maximum performance and value over the life of the equipment.

Foley, Inc. offers hydraulic component services and part sales in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Staten Island, Bermuda and northern Delaware. Our high standards and quality repairs will restore your hydraulic system to optimal condition, and we’ll help you find the part you need if you require a new component.

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    Hose and Couplings

    Cat hose and couplings dispel the notion that “a hose is a hose.” Since the late 1960s, Caterpillar has designed and manufactured its own hose products. Cat hose and couplings have earned a global reputation for superior hose performance and reliability, often exceeding industry requirements to ensure top performance.

    At Foley, Inc., we can do hose rebuilds or manufacture new hoses with reusable couplings. Our quality control standards ensure that your hoses will get certified and capped while staying clean with our air-filled foam system.

    Cylinder Rods

    Cat cylinder rods are induction hardened to deliver the optimum balance of impact resistance, surface finish and strength. Greater resistance to bending and denting helps make the seals last longer and prevents dirt and other contaminants from getting into the system.

    Pumps and Motors

    Cat pumps and motors are made to meet strict tolerances and are tested to match rigorous Cat hydraulic system endurance and performance requirements. Foley, Inc. will help your equipment maintain its high performance with pump rebuilds, reconditioning the components to top standards. We also do repairs for pieces that have been damaged by contaminants or have been used past their prime.



    Cat cylinders are roller burnished and bore skived to provide the best sealing performance. Cylinder seals meet Cat hydraulic system needs with quality materials and continuously improving designs. If you need a new cylinder, we can salvage parts from your old unit or restore your existing cylinder to its best condition. Our builds can be custom-made to fit your application.

    Foley Express Hydraulics can service all of your hydraulic cylinder repair needs!

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    Valves and Filters

    Though valves and filters may be smaller than other hydraulic components, they play an essential role in the hydraulic system. Cat valves are precision machined to deliver superior operator control and performance, and Cat filters are engineered to provide excellent system protection for maximum component life. We can also recondition your valves, which includes repairing damage and using spray welding and chrome plating.

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