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Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Caterpillar Combined Heat and Power Systems

Caterpillar® combined heat and power (CHP) technology provides a clean and reliable solution for generating power and thermal energy. Saving on electrical and heating costs directly affects your bottom line. Get more out of every dollar you spend on energy costs and simplify your power generation and heating and cooling installations for even more benefit.

Caterpillar Power Generation Systems offers fully engineered combined heat and power generators, engines and other solutions. By combining these two functions, you get a clean, efficient and reliable approach to generating power and thermal energy from a single fuel source. Cat® combined heat and power systems offer considerable environmental benefits when compared with purchased electricity and onsite-generated heat. Thanks to the intelligent engineering that goes into every Cat CHP, you get more hours of service between service and maintenance intervals and experience less downtime.

By utilizing the heat byproduct of electricity generation, Cat CHP generators can be designed to meet the thermal and electrical base loads of a facility. Cat CHP systems are integrated so that waste heat is recovered and used for heating, cooling, dehumidification and other processing applications. This advanced technology decreases energy costs and increases efficiency by up to 90%. Less fuel needs to be consumed to generate the same amount of energy, resulting in fewer emissions.

Please contact 732-885-3040 if you need additional information. We will answer all your questions and explain more about the advantages of choosing a top quality, high-performance Caterpillar CHP to combine your heat and power generation into one reliable system.

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Watch customer JMEUC’s testimonial on Foley’s service and CHP capabilities:

Caterpillar Power Generation Systems offers fully engineered combined heat and power generators, engines and other solutions, which provide a clean, efficient and reliable approach to generating power and thermal energy from a single fuel source

Engine Technical Data

Kilowatts Model Number Engine Technical Data for Continuous Duty Genset Marketing Data Sheet CHP Enclosure Data Sheet
75 kW G3306 NA 1800 RPM (biogas)
137 kW G3406 TA 1800 RPM (biogas)
150 kW G3406 TA 1800 RPM
190 kW G3406 TA 1800 RPM
191 kW G3412 NA 1800 RPM (biogas)
250 kW G3406 TA Engine Tech DS_G3406TA_250 kw_DM0804-01-E 1800 RPM
350 kW G3412TA 1800 RPM
375 kW G3412C 1800 RPM 1.9g NOx
400 kW CG132-8 1500 RPM 1 g NOx
460-820 kW G3516 1200 RPM LE 2.0g NOx
555 kW G3512 1200 RPM LE 2.0g NOx
570 kW G3512 1200 RPM LE 2.0g NOx
585 kW G3512 1200 RPM LE 2.0g NOx
600 kW CG132-12 1500 RPM 1 g NOx
740 kW G3516 1200 RPM TA
800 kW CG132-16 1500 RPM 1 g NOx
808 kW G3516 LE 1200 RPM (biogas)
1200 kW CG170-12 1500 RPM 1 g NOx
1300-1400 kW G3516B LE 1800 RPM LE 0.5g NOx | 1800 RPM LE 1.0g NOx
1500 kW G3512H 1500 RPM 1 g NOx  G3512H Marketing Data Sheet CHP1500 Enclosure
1560 kW CG170-16 1500 RPM 1 g NOx
1600 kW G3520C 1200 RPM 0.5g NOx | 1200 RPM 1.0g NOx (biogas)
1600 kW G3520C 1200 RPM 0.5g NOx
1660 kW G3516C 1800 RPM 1.0g NOx
1900 kW G3520C 1800 RPM .5g NOx1800 RPM .5g NOx | 1800 RPM 1.0g NOx
1980 kW G3516 H 1500 RPM 1 g NOx   G3516H Marketing Data Sheet CHP2000 Enclosure
2000 kW CG170-20 1500 RPM 1 g NOx
2055 kW G3520C 1800 RPM 0.5g NOx | 1800 RPM 1.0g NOx
2335 kW G3612 900 RPM 0.7g NOx
2500 kW G3520H 1500 RPM 1 g NOx  G3520H Marketing Data Sheet CHP2500 Enclosure
3000 kW CG260-12 900 RPM 1 g NOx
3100 kW G3616 900 RPM 0.7g NOx
4000 kW CG260-16 900 RPM 0.94 NOx
4050 kW CG260-16 900 RPM 1 g NOx

View Natural Gas and Biogas Generator Set Ratings Summary


Cat CHP Systems for Sale

At Foley, Inc., we never try to push you into buying a certain piece of equipment. We understand each business has their own power and heating needs and will take the time to understand your needs and expectations and sell you the right CHP solution. Consider factors such as:

  • Average and peak electrical load requirements
  • Location and space availability
  • The need for future load and heating/cooling requirements
  • Existing infrastructure and necessary modifications

With this information we can determine which of our Cat CHP engines or generators is best suited to the way you work. When you choose a Cat CHP, you’re getting:

  • The latest technology: Caterpillar designs all of their equipment with the latest technology and features so that you can get the most out of your CHP.
  • Low maintenance: All service points are easily accessible and allow for fast and affordable maintenance for the life of your CHP equipment.
  • Unbeatable efficiency: The goal of any CHP system is to reduce your energy costs, so choose one of our CAT combined heat and power generation systems and save money.
  • Intelligent controls: You can program your CHP to run exactly the way you need, thanks to a host of integrated controls and easy-to-use software.

Stop wasting money running separate electrical power generation and heating/cooling equipment. More and more customers in NJ have discovered the advantages of buying their CHP systems from our team here at Foley, Inc. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will take the time to discuss your power and heating/cooling needs and help you choose the right model of CHP. Make us your partner for your Cat CHP purchase, and you will benefit from our unbeatable customer service and attention to detail, as well as our focus on:

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Mutual respect
  • Astonishment

Come and discover why more and more NJ customers are coming to us here at Foley, Inc. for the intelligent combined solution! Our team is ready to answer any questions you might have, so contact us today and let’s get started finding the right CAT CHP for your business.

You will see the savings on your first energy bill, so you can be sure you will see a healthy return on your investment and benefit from the simplicity and reliability of a Caterpillar combined heating and power generator in a short time.

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Cat CHP solutions provide you with the following benefits:

  • Completely engineered solutions from extensive power generation experience
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Lower emissions
  • Excellent reliability
  • Flexibility in support, application, engineering and design
  • Modular components, supporting ease of installation and reliable operation
  • Increased security and power quality, protecting your revenue stream
  • After sales support, service and performance guarantees of your CHP asset

CHP Applications

Foley provides Cat CHP generators and engines for use in any of the following applications:

  • Manufacturing facilities including pulp and paper processing, food processing, refining and other industrial processes.
  • Education, healthcare and military institutions
  • Large office and other commercial buildings including hotels, airports, malls and more
  • Municipal power generation, wastewater treatment and other facilities.

Contact Foley for more information or to discuss the specifics of your CHP project in detail. We offer a number of consulting services for complex turnkey projects including system design and engineering. As the exclusive authorized Cat equipment dealer for New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and Staten Island, we have access to the full resources of the Caterpillar brand. Foley Systems also provides comprehensive repairs, maintenance and warranty service, either in our shop or at your work site. We can develop a maintenance plan for your Cat combined heat and power equipment to ensure your systems continue to run their best, year-round. For more information, please contact 732-885-3040 for immediate assistance.


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