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Repair Capabilities

Construction Equipment Repair

From routine maintenance to complete rebuilds, Foley’s extensive construction equipment repair shop capabilities provide all the services you need to keep your machine running at peak performance. You may know us for the big stuff, but we have the expertise to service smaller equipment too.  We cater to customers with different size machines, fleets, business needs and problems to solve. We can provide heavy construction equipment repair for your entire fleet, even if it’s not from Caterpillar.

If you prefer to complete service yourself, ask about our self-service options. Planned Maintenance Self-Service Options are comprehensive packages with everything you need to perform your own maintenance. From the maintenance parts needed to step-by-step instructions to a list of recommended tools, Planned Maintenance Self-Service Options simplify your maintenance process.

Compact Equipment Repair

Your compact machine is the heart of your operations. If it breaks down, you need reliable equipment repair to get back to work quickly. The technicians at Foley, Inc. are experienced with many equipment types and will repair your compact equipment for a quick return to the job.

Undercarriage Track Repair

Cat® undercarriage systems are vital yet complex, so they require professional repair services when there is a component failure. Foley, Inc. technicians have the equipment necessary for track assemblies, diagnostics, reshelling and other services.

General Duty Undercarriage

The General Duty undercarriage requires equipment repair services to keep it in its best shape. We’ll take care of troubleshooting and routine maintenance to take care of mechanical issues early on.

Field Service

If your equipment breaks down at the job site, call Foley, Inc. Our 24-hour emergency repair service means a technician will be there immediately to make the necessary repairs and get your machinery up and running again.

Foley Hydraulics

An efficient hydraulic system enhances productivity and reduces operating costs. Our Caterpillar heavy equipment repair for hydraulics involves visual inspections, preventive maintenance consultations and diagnostic services to ensure top performance.

Specialized Shops

Foley, Inc.’s 16 specialty shops allow us to provide a variety of construction equipment repairs near you, including painting, welding, cylinder repairs, operational checks and equipment washing.

Paint Shop

We will repaint Cat and other brand machinery to give it a quality finish and increase its value and longevity. Our paint booths can handle small and large equipment as well as sandblasting.

Fluid Analysis Lab

Our fluid analysis service involves testing machine fluids like oil, fuel and coolant to make sure they are not damaging the equipment. This form of proactive maintenance shows the state of the inside of your machinery, which may reveal hidden problems so they can be fixed before causing major issues.

Engine Rebuild

Our Cat certified rebuilds will give you a component with updated technology for a lower cost than new. Our technicians can rebuild the power trains, hydraulic systems, engines and even the whole machine.

Transmission Repair

The transmission repair services at Foley, Inc. involve rebuilding the torque converter and final drives while our computerized test bench ensures optimal results.

Weld and Auto Weld

Our technicians can do custom fabrication, brazing and silver soldering, and plasma cutting to repair and restore your Cat machinery.

Engine Dyno

Engine dyno services include a closed-loop cooling tower that manages engine temperature, a computerized engine management system that monitors critical temperatures and pressures, and a 1,000 horsepower Taylor dyno for diagnostics.

Contact Foley, Inc. About Our Construction Equipment Repair Services

If you are looking for heavy equipment repair near you, contact Foley, Inc. We work on Caterpillar equipment and other brands in our service area of New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, Bermuda and Staten Island. Whatever repair you need, you can trust that we will do quality work in as little time as possible.

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