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In today’s hydraulic systems, tolerances are tight, and the smallest particle can do major damage. The quality and longevity built into Caterpillar® hydraulic components will be compromised if the system is not properly managed and maintained.

As your Cat® Dealer, Foley, Inc. is committed to providing superior hydraulic component repair service and working with you to ensure you get the longest life from your hydraulic systems. We service all makes and models of equipment and offer specialized services for:

  • Tubes and rods
  • Hose and couplings
  • Pumps and motors
  • Inspections
  • Large inventory
  • Hydraulics
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Custom Hydraulic Services (CHS)
  • Contamination control.

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Why Are Cat® Hoses and Couplings the Smart Choice for Every Fleet?

Caterpillar has a reputation for durable, quality parts, and it holds true for their hydraulic systems. They manufacture some of the best hydraulic parts available, which is vital for such an essential equipment component. Caterpillar has remained at the forefront of hydraulic system innovation in a variety of machinery.

When it comes to selecting hydraulic systems parts, equipment owners choose the Cat hydraulic system because of its:

Complete Compatibility

Cat hoses and couplings offer peak performance and durability on all kinds of equipment. Our premium hose and couplings will keep your equipment working longer and avoid downtime, whether it is made by Cat or another manufacturer.

Rigorous Testing

At Foley, Inc., safety is our standard. We put our Cat hydraulic hose and couplings through severe testing to ensure their quality. These components are tested as a system instead of separately to make sure your system offers maximum dependability and safety.

Exceeded Standards

Caterpillar is proud to surpass industry testing standards to give our customers unmatched durability, safety and reliability. You name a part, and Caterpillar will test it. We examine the durability and strength of hydraulic parts using multiple methods to consider various factors. Evaluations may include:

  • Coupling salt-spray and metallurgical testing.
  • Hose impulse, burst pressure, temperature adaptability, abrasion and flexibility.
  • Wire tensile-strength.
  • Rubber compression and elongation.

Because our hydraulic testing goes above and beyond industry standards, we can guarantee unparalleled hydraulic performance in a variety of machines.

Our Hydraulic System Repair Services

Did you know that your machine’s hydraulic system could lose up to 20% efficiency before you realize it? Keeping on top of the management of your equipment’s hydraulic system will make sure that your machines perform at top productivity while decreasing downtime and operating costs, as more and more of your operating costs are tied to hydraulic systems.

Foley, Inc. offers hydraulic parts services to help keep these systems operating at peak performance. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive repair options. More choices means you won’t pay for — or wait on — repairs you don’t need. Hose service, thorough visual machine inspections, maintenance and diagnostic services, S•O•S Services, component inspection and repairs, and preventive maintenance consultations are just some of the options we offer to help you keep your costs and machine downtime to a minimum.

Contamination Control

Contaminants can be harmful to your hydraulic system’s fluids. We will take the precautions necessary to ensure that there is a minimal amount of contamination present. A clean system is efficient, has a longer life and corrects problems early.

SOS Services

Our SOS services for hydraulic systems detect internal problems, as hydraulics systems are closed. We’ll determine oil cleanliness, component wear, oil degradation and the presence of external contaminants to prevent equipment failure and downtime.

Technical Inspections

Unlike other hydraulic machine shops, we inspect and evaluate each hydraulic component based on strict guidelines. Our hydraulics experts can quickly and accurately determine which parts should be reused, repaired or replaced. We recommend having your hydraulic systems inspected by our trained service professionals every 2,000 operating hours or when there are high contamination levels in the fluids.

After interpreting the inspection and fluid analysis results, we’ll meet with you to deliver a complete report. If service is necessary, we’ll also provide a quote. We offer a variety of repair options and can help you decide on the one best for you.

Learn More About Our Caterpillar Hydraulic System Services

No matter how well built or managed, your hydraulic system will eventually need service. When it does, you can trust our combination of repair options, service expertise and the industry’s best parts support to get you back to work fast and reliably. Our technicians will help you find the right hydraulic parts and provide guidance on the hydraulic system repair services needed for your equipment.

For more information about our parts and services for hydraulic systems, call 732-885-3166 or submit our contact form. You may also follow the information and maintenance practices outlined in this Cat Hydraulic System Management Guide to greatly extend service life and lower costs.