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Safely Home, Everyone, Every Day


The safety of all employees, our customers and the general public is a priority of Foley, Incorporated. It is our intent to conduct all operating practices and procedures of the company in a safe responsible manner for the protection of our employees and the environment. Each employee shall be assured of a safe and healthy working environment.

Each employee has a responsibility to themselves and for their own safety, health and that of others with whom they come in contact. In carrying out their assigned work, each employee must observe all safety and health standards related to their work. Unsafe working conditions, practices and/or equipment shall be reported immediately to management. All work will be conducted in a safe manner and in compliance with OSHA standards.

Our employee-led “Safety Steering Team,” a group of managers, supervisors and front-line leaders that together represent all levels of our entire organization will be the guiding coalition for Foley, Incorporated throughout our sustainable safety improvement process, continuous journey of achieving a zero-incident safety culture, integrating safety activities into everything we do and working together to become an industry leader in safety.

Our mission is to deliver each employee safely home every day…


Tool Box Talks

You can also visit Cat®‘s Tool Box talks to find concise, content-rich resources that can be utilized to engage the workforce prior to or during a work shift. Engaging employees in conversations around various safety topics helps safety be at the forefront of their minds throughout the shift. Covering everything from personal responsibilities to site-wide issues, you’re sure to find a topic that applies to your job application.

For additional information on Foley safety policies, please contact:

Jon Snow, Environmental Health & Safety Manager
Email: jsnow@foleyinc.com
Phone: 732-885-3032