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Starting System Service

Foley Power Systems offers starting system service in NJ, PA, DE and Staten Island.  Batteries are the most common power sources for starting systems, but they can be one of the easiest systems components to overlook. Insufficient charges due to short run periods, or chemical deterioration over time leave batteries depleted and unable to start engines. Even with proper maintenance, as batteries age they will lose their ability to hold a proper charge and will need replacement to avoid starting issues.

Only a battery load test can verify the condition of each starting battery. Predictive replacement of lead acid batteries is recommended every 3 years. Foley Power Systems can ensure the reliability of your starting system by inspecting the following:

  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Starters
  • Starting System Wiring

Proper maintenance procedures and testing intervals will help ensure failure to start conditions due to poor battery quality, do not occur. Testing the output voltage of a starting battery is not enough to determine the capability of the battery when under load. In order to correctly assess starting battery conditions, a digital voltmeter, hydrometer, manual battery load tester or battery analyzer should be used to determine battery life.
Starting battery type will dictate the method of testing. If a sealed battery is being tested, a digital voltmeter and a manual load tester will determine battery condition. If the battery used requires maintenance, a temperature compensating hydrometer will test specific gravity and confirm the battery’s state of charge; but should still be load tested, along with verifying output voltage using a digital voltmeter. The alternative is a battery analyzer. It will confirm the condition of the battery as well as the state of charge; it is not dependent on the battery being charged before testing, and compensates for temperature.




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