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General Duty Undercarriage


The undercarriage plays a critical role in the performance of machines such as track-type tractors (bulldozers)hydraulic excavators and loaders such as CTLs and MTLs. While we tend to think of undercarriages as being used with equipment that performs highly demanding job site tasks, this isn’t always the case. In some situations, a General Duty undercarriage will provide a more cost-effective option and enhance the performance of a machine. For whatever machine undercarriage parts you need, you will find that the selection at Foley, Inc. has the right balance of performance and value.

When to Choose a General Duty Undercarriage

Since not every piece of equipment requires heavy equipment undercarriage parts, we designed a low-cost, feature-filled undercarriage system. Use general duty undercarriage parts in these circumstances:

  • Lighter duty applications
  • Side sloping must be equal to or less than a 4-to-1 ratio
  • Competitive warranty coverage
  • Applications where impact is not a factor
  • Bushing can be turned
  • Machines have lower usage (less than 30 hours a week)

Foley, Inc. Is Your One-Stop General Duty Undercarriage Headquarters

When you need to buy Cat® undercarriage parts that are ideal for these less demanding applications, Foley, Inc. is your best resource in New Jersey, northern Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania, Staten Island and Bermuda.

Undercarriage Inspections

At Foley, Inc., we can help you determine which size undercarriage is right for your machine’s application by inspecting and measuring your undercarriage. General Duty parts and Heavy Duty parts are built to unique specifications, but they have interchangeable components that will fit all necessary models.

Complete Cat® Undercarriage Maintenance and Repair Service

As a full-service Cat dealer, Foley, Inc. does much more than sell Cat undercarriage parts. We also provide comprehensive General Duty undercarriage equipment service in the shop or the field to ensure your machines remain in peak operating condition. Our expert technicians will perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting to prevent major mechanical issues from occurring. We can also handle all types of minor and more intensive General Duty undercarriage equipment repairs when needed.

Our Equipment Undercarriage Parts for Sale

When you’re using medium-size machines for a low to moderate impact application, you might not need Cat® Heavy Duty undercarriage parts. General Duty parts provide the performance you need for an exceptional value. A General Duty undercarriage reduces downtime, extends the life of your equipment and keeps operating costs in check.

When you get your general equipment undercarriage parts from Foley, Inc., you’ll notice that our parts are manufactured to exact Caterpillar® specifications. This care for specific measurements ensures that your construction equipment undercarriage parts will fit in your machine. Our undercarriage parts selection consists of a wide variety of:

  • Sprockets and hardware
  • Idlers
  • Bottom rollers
  • Track groups
  • Carrier rollers

Our stock also has rubber track undercarriage parts. The track shoe you select for your equipment will affect its traction, flotation and undercarriage wear life. For the typical General Duty application, moderate shoe services will give you the best wear life and performance.

Because Heavy Duty undercarriage parts are interchangeable with General Duty components, you can swap these parts as required for your applications. Foley, Inc. also offers exceptional availability and speedy turnaround on General Duty parts orders, so you can receive and install your new components as quickly as possible.

Contact Us to Learn More About General Duty Undercarriage Services

Contact a Foley, Inc. rep today to request more information about heavy equipment undercarriage parts or order a General Duty undercarriage. Drop by one of our five sales locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware or fill out and submit our online contact form.

Cat General Duty Undercarriage for all your Track-Type Equipment