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The Foley Construction Shop

Foley Construction Shop Layout

Foley’s Construction Shop has 16 speciality shops to ensure we can provide all the solutions for your equipment.  Take a look at our shop layout to view the different areas and what we offer.


1 Quality Assurance

  • Final Inspection: performed by lead technician after repair
  • Operational Checks: verify that repairs were completed and machines can return to work

2 Loading Bays

  • Loading Assistance: yard crane and forklift are available to lift or tow equipment; assistance and equipment for loading or unloading machinery also provided
  • Preliminary Incoming Inspection: verifies the customer’s problem or complaint and provides information to the Main Shop

3 Machine Prep Shop

  • Equipment Washing: high-pressure washing equipment and steam pressure washer are available to remove excess dirt, debris and other difficult materials prior to repair
  • Paint Shop Prep: machine exteriors are sanded and taped before painting to ensure a high-quality finished product

4 Paint Shop

  • Paint Work: specializing in all makes and models of equipment and any paint combination
  • Sandblasting: available for machines with a harsh exterior

5 Engine Dyno Room

  • 1,000 HP Taylor Dyno: performs diagnostics
  • Computerized Engine Management System: monitors critical pressures and temperatures
  • Closed Loop Cooling Tower: properly manages engine temperature during critical break-in process

6 AutoWeld Shop

  • Idler & Roller Rebuilds: re-welding and rebuilding to like new condition
  • Disassembly/Assembly Bench: accommodates track adjuster springs
  • Abrasive Resistive Material (ARM) Application Bench: enables custom applications that prolong ground engaging tool life

7 Track Shop

  • Custom Track Service (CTS) Diagnostic Tools: monitor performance and predict wear
  • Track Disassembly/Assembly: Six Sigma-certified computerized torquing equipment ensures proper assembly
  • Wolf 200-Ton Press: accommodates all makes & models

8 Welding Shop

  • MIG & TIG Welders & Plasma Cutting: support welding and fabrication
  • Brazing & Silver Solder: services are available
  • Custom Fabrication: sheet metal and pipe fabrication also available

9 Hydraulic Shop

  • Cylinder Repair: all makes and models accommodated
  • Custom Fabrication: re-rod capabilities
  • Cylinder Exchanges
  • Pressure Checks: rebuilt cylinders are pressure checked on a 2,800 PSI bench upon completion of repair

10 CAT Certified Rebuild Shop

  • Two Levels of Rebuilds Available: CAT Certified Powertrain & Complete Rebuilds performed
  • Testing: over 350 tests performed on rebuilt machines
  • Rebuilding: machines are stripped and 3,500 to 7,000 parts are replaced or reconditioned
  • Updates: all critical updates are performed and machines are rebuilt to like-new condition

11 Main Repair Shop

  • Troubleshooting and technical analysis is performed on your machine to determine the best course of action for an economical and efficient repair
  • Real time technical information with accessibility to Product Engineers
  • Contamination control measures employed to minimize harmful exposure of critical systems

12 Machine Shop

  • Machining Capabilities: three different lathes, milling machine and spray welding equipment are capable of almost any repair
  • Lapping Bench: enables leveling and scratch removal
  • Line Boring Machine: bores center and bucket pins, machine frames, etc.

13 Transmission Shop

  • Critical Tolerance Rebuilds: restores transmissions, torque converter and final drives
  • Computerized Test Bench: ensures high-quality results

14 Compact Construction Equipment Shop

  • Specialized Repair Area: dedicated for smaller equipment

15 New/Used Prep & Repair Shop

  • Custom Configuration & Installation: work tools installed and machines prepared to customer specifications
  • Final Assembly & Performance Check: new and used machines inspected prior to delivery

16 Engine Rebuild Shop

  • Engine Disassembly/Assembly: accommodates all engine types and models
  • Emissions Upgrades: available for unregulated engines
  • Fuel Injector System Capabilities: rebuilds and testing performed

17 Fluid Test Lab

  • Fluid Analysis: all equipment undergoes detailed analysis of all fluids including engine, cooling and hydraulic
  • Reports: clear, concise reports include trends and recommendations
  • Personal Alerts: notify customers of any critical issues to help avoid catastrophic failures

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