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Trench Roller Rentals From Foley Rents

Many companies don’t require the frequent use of a trench roller. This highly specialized piece of heavy-duty equipment is often used during certain phases of construction projects but then gets stored away. Investing your precious capital in equipment like this that doesn’t see constant use isn’t a good idea, especially if you’re a smaller company that needs to get the most out of every penny.

This is why Foley Rents has developed a heavy-duty equipment rental site that includes unique equipment like trench rollers. We have several online listings to give you a choice in size and performance, meaning you can benefit from a quality trench roller when you need it and not have to worry about storage, service or maintenance when you’re done.

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Rental Advantages

 More and more companies are discovering the benefits of renting specific pieces of construction equipment for their short-, medium- or even long-term projects:

  • Excellent choice: Instead of purchasing once trench roller to use for all jobs, you can choose the model that’s best adapted to each job you have. Rent a compact model today for trench rolling in small spaces and choose a larger model another time for a bigger project.
  • Service and maintenance: You’re busy enough on your job site without having to worry about equipment maintenance. When you rent from Foley Rents, we take care of all the service necessary and ensure your track roller is ready to go from the moment you pick it up.
  • Savings: Renting a track roller only when you need it maximizes your spending and means you don’t have significant amounts of capital tied up in equipment that doesn’t see use every day. You can then put your cash into other equipment and aspects of your business.

To make it easy for you to find the track roller you need, we’ve created our online listings that include information such as make and model, horsepower, weight, drum width and even a picture. You’ll know exactly what you’re renting and can contact our helpful sales team by phone 732-885-8021 or with our handy online contact form.

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Take advantage of our wide range of our rental construction equipment, including our heavy-duty track rollers that are ready for service on your job site. At Foley Rents we work hard to offer the best selection and highest-quality equipment so you can take care of any job, any time.