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Wheel Loaders

Wheel Loader Rentals From Foley Rents

Few construction sites are complete without a powerful, versatile wheel loader. If you have big loads to move, adding a wheel loader to your lineup can save you time and effort. Available in a wide range of sizes, performance levels and load ratings, we have a wheel loader for each of your applications.

At Foley Rents, we carry a large listing of wheel loader rentals to offer you maximum choice and value. Our goal is to help businesses enjoy real savings over investing in purchased equipment, and spend less money on the heavy-duty construction equipment they need. If your business is looking to improve or expand your earth and load-moving capabilities, take a look at out great selection of wheel loaders for rent.

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All the Info You Need 

You can quickly browse through our online rental listings. We include useful information, such as:

  • Make and model names, allowing you to compare to other models that interest you
  • HP rating, to ensure you’re getting the power you need for all of your jobs
  • Bucket capacity, so you can choose according to your typical load types and sizes
  • A picture of the equipment so you know exactly what type of loader you’re looking at

If you have any additional questions, you can fill in our handy online contact form and request more information. You can also give us a call and one of our sales reps will get you the information you need concerning availability and equipment features, performance and options.

Dependable and Reliable Rental Equipment

 At Foley Rents, we’ve built our reputation by offering for rent only the most thoroughly maintained and serviced equipment, like our wheel loaders. Every loader we sell has been inspected by our technicians and is ready to be put to work. We carry only quality wheel loaders that can offer reliable performance from the moment its delivered. Don’t spend your time worrying about service and maintenance — we’ll take care of that for you.

Choosing a rental loader means you don’t have to wait for your equipment to be manufactured or delivered. The wait for a new loader can be several months, whereas our rental wheel loaders are available right away. Take a look at our listings of wheel loaders and find the model with the performance and features that suit your requirements.

Enjoy the value and benefits of renting and give your company an advantage with a quality used wheel loader that’s ready to attack anything you can throw at it.