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Mini Excavators

Mini Excavator Rentals From Foley Rents

Mini excavators are an excellent choice in construction equipment, thanks to their compact size, maneuverability, and impressive performance and reach characteristics. If you’re looking to replace an existing mini excavator or are adding one to your lineup for the first time, consider a rental model from Foley Rents.

We carry a wide selection of quality rental mini excavators that offers several great advantages:

  • All of our rental mini excavators have been verified for proper service and maintenance and have been subjected to our rigorous inspection. This means our used equipment is ready to be put to work from the moment it’s delivered.
  • A rental mini excavator offers removes the high investment necessary when purchasing. All purchased equipment suffers high deprecation when put into service. This added value means you get full performance and capabilities at a lower cost.
  • When you choose from our online listings, your mini excavator is ready to go right away. Purchasing often means waiting for your equipment to be manufactured, which typically takes months. If you need a mini excavator quickly, renting is the way to go.

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Why Rent?

Renting is a great way to maximize your investment dollars. Tying up all of your money in purchased equipment means you have less money available for other equipment or business investments. This is especially troubling if you won’t be using your mini excavator every single day, but instead need one for specific jobs from time to time.

Purchasing equipment that doesn’t get used every day represents investment dollars that are sitting dormant. This is why many companies choose to rent the equipment they don’t use on a regular basis.

You may also be able to add new services and capabilities that you aren’t able to offer with your current fleet of heavy-duty equipment. If you do have the need to purchase a mini excavator in the near future for regular use, renting is also a great way to try out various models and features and decide which model will suit your needs best.

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Give our team a call 732-885-8021 or fill out our online contact form and tell us more about your mini excavator rental needs. We can help point you towards the right model and ensure we have one ready for when your project starts. You’ll be getting a quality, dependable mini excavator with all necessary service and maintenance performed so that you can get to work right away.