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VisionLink Unified Suite

What is VisionLink® Unified Suite?

VisionLink is a secure, user-friendly web-based app you can use to quickly and easily retrieve vital information about your whole fleet. It is designed to work with both your Cat®equipment and allied brands. You can get insight into the operation — including productivity level and health — for all of your machines. VisionLink Unified Suite is an asset management solution, mainly targeted to the construction industry. VisionLink Unified Suite leverages equipment telematics data and enables customers to monitor their assets and manage their fleet easier.

What Does VisionLink Unified Suite consist of?

VisionLink Unified Suite consists for 4 core applications listed below. Additional applications are being developed and will be available in the near

  • VisionLink Unified Fleet – Unified Fleet is designed for fleet and equipment managers, as well as owner/operators. Unified Fleet provides access to asset telematics such as hours, location, idle time, asset operation and fuel utilization, bringing together a complete solution for asset management
  • VisionLink Unified Service – Unified Service is designed for users with a focus on maintenance. Unified Service provides users with access to equipment fault codes, fluid sample results, Cat® Inspect inspection results, and maintenance functionality
  • VisionLink Unified Productivity – Unified Productivity provides a consolidated view of productivity information. It combines utilization, payload, and Load and Cycle Monitoring data into a single application to provide a productivity management solution
  • VisionLink Administrator – VisionLink Administrator provides administrative functions to the Unified Suite of applications. It enables management of asset settings, users, reports, notifications, groups projects, and configuration of mixed-fleet data integration utilizing AEMP 1.2/2.0

Why is VisionLink being updated?

The original VisionLink (now called VisionLink Legacy) was developed in 2008. It was originally developed as a monolithic application – slow
performing and do not scale well on mobile devices. They are also very difficult to enhance and improve. VisionLink Unified Suite is modular in nature, with functionality targeted to address the needs of key roles on the construction jobsite and is organized around standard workflows.

VisionLink Unified Suite Features

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Streamlined workflows and enhanced performance.
  • It is also mobile ready