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Cold Weather Recommendations for All Cat Machines

Cold Weather Recommendations for All Cat Machines

The cold weather is going to be upon us soon, and we want you to have your equipment ready to perform at their optimum efficiency.  Cat® equipment is built to operate in the toughest conditions and weather extremes, but a few simple procedures will help keep them running their best even in the coldest temperatures. Taking a little extra care will make things a lot easier for you too. Because the only thing worse than having to troubleshoot a machine is having to do it out in the freezing cold and howling wind.

This article includes:

  • Information Section
    • Cold Weather Recommendations
  • Operation Section
    • Starting Recommendations
    • Parking Recommendations
  • Maintenance Section
    • Fluid Recommendations
    • Battery Recommendations
    • Tire Inflation Recommendations
  • Reference Information Section
  • Index Section

Accordingly, monitor weather events at the start and finish of each work day, and before the start of each work week, to identify low temperature events or periods where the low temperature is below 48°F, or between 48°F and −40°F. Further, in moderate temperature events or periods where the temperature is above 48°F, Caterpillar recommends to refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual for each machine.

Cold Weather Recommendations for all Machine Types