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Compressed Natural Gas

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Cab Over Engine

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Mobile Refueler

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Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle

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Low Entry Tilt

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Low Entry Drop Frame Tilt

Low Entry Drop Frame Tilt (LDT2)

Mobile Drill Rig Chassis

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Well Service

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60/40 Suspension System

Crane Carrier offers Ridewell Suspensions model R209 exclusively to refuse and other vocational truck markets. The R209 suspension provides the load-bearing benefits of a tandem rear drive suspension with the ease and operating benefits of a single rear drive axle. The rear axle self steers in forward motion up to 25 mph, locking straight forward at higher rates of speed, and in reverse. The self steering rear axle allows the chassis to pivot on the forward drive axle eliminating tire scrub on the front and rear axles. The suspension reduces wall to wall turn radius by 10% to 12% and reduces steering wheel effort resulting in increased steering control.

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