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Foley, Inc. Signs Dealer Marketing Agreement with LEFORT America

Foley, Inc. Signs Dealer Marketing Agreement with LEFORT America

Founded in 1947, LEFORT has become one of the leading manufacturers of shears and balers in the scrap metal recycling industry.  A family owned business with over 70 years of experience, LEFORT has created some of the most productive scrap metal recycling machines on the market.

LEFORT North America, LLC, a division of the Gosselies, Belgium – based LEFORT Group, entered into an exclusive agreement with Caterpillar Inc. in December of 2015.  This partnership reinforces LEFORT’s dedication to the United States and Canadian scrap recycling and demolition markets.

LEFORT America offers a wide range of shear/baler/loggers, baler/loggers, shears and shredders.  From our famous LEFORT .SB 660A “Crawler” (track-mounted shear/baler/logger) to our big side compression shears like the LEFORT .SH 1100A and LEFORT .SH 1540A, LEFORT America has all the equipment designed to meet your yard’s needs.

LEFORT America exists as an extension of the factory and has a local dedicated LEFORT expert support team that will provide the necessary assistance when LEFORT experts are required. The top quality machines LEFORT has built its reputation on, paired with the unrivaled Caterpillar dealer support system, gives the added assurance to the industry and its customers.

Foley, Inc. became a part of the LEFORT team in September of 2016 after entering into a Dealer Marketing Agreement (DMA) with LEFORT America.  Since partnering together, Foley, Inc. has joined LEFORT America in different activities and efforts, such as LEFORT sales and service training and a live Demo at a local yard, where the efficiency and productivity of the LEFORT .SB 660A Towable was shown to potential customers and Foley Inc. personnel.  Soon after training, the Foley, Inc. team sold the .SB 660A Towable, which they had in stock, to Donjon Recycling in Dover, New Jersey.

Thanks to the efforts of the Foley, Inc. team and LEFORT America representatives, the future of our work in the scrap recycling industry is looking brighter than ever.

Interested in the LEFORT products?  Contact Warren Gonzales at Foley, Inc. at wgonzalez@foleyinc.com or call 732-885-3030.