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Fortune Ranks Cat as the #1 Most Admired Company Within Industry

Fortune Ranks Cat as the #1 Most Admired Company Within Industry


Caterpillar ranked number 20 on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list this year. Fortune also ranked Caterpillar as the number one most admired company in the Industrial and Farm equipment category and attributes the company’s success to a number of areas. Click here to find out more.

Fortune administers an annual study to measure nine key attributes of companies, and ranks the top 50 organizations according to the results. The most admired companies are the organizations that receive the highest scores. Apple has held the number one ranking since 2008.

Top executives and financial analysts from 687 eligible companies across 30 countries provide feedback to determine which companies have the strongest reputations within and across industries. The study is designed to provide insight into the essence of business success and identify the business practices that differentiate the World’s Most Admired Companies.

Results for 2013 show that the World’s Most Admired Companies have succeeded in today’s economy by knowing what must be managed for change, and what must be managed for continuity. Products, services, and strategies must be managed for change and brand and culture must be managed for continuity. The companies on this list are executing well in this space.