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Cat® Microgrid

As a trusted leader in the energy industry, Caterpillar® remains a renowned expert in the transition to renewable energy products. The Cat Microgrid is designed to meet the unique energy demands of industries and communities around the world by integrating renewable power solutions with efficient energy storage and traditional power generation.

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What Is a Microgrid?

A microgrid is a small, local energy source with control capabilities that allow it to be disconnected from the traditional grid and operate on its own. It can be used to power both on- and off-grid communities or commercial installations in applications such as the following:

  • Off-grid facility microgrids are implemented in remote facility locations such as military bases, isolated resorts and other sites that lack access to the traditional grid.
  • Off-grid community microgrids serve community members on islands or in remote communities not connected to local utilities.
  • Grid-connected facility microgrids are fully connected with a local utility grid but provide increased energy reliability to campuses such as colleges and hospitals.
  • Grid-connected community microgrids share energy use within a community to reduce energy costs and increase energy reliability.

The Cat Microgrid seamlessly integrates with Cat's extensive line and power systems for ease of use. This scalable system is tailored to meet your specific energy needs, with solutions ranging from 10 kilowatts to 100 megawatts. Energy storage solutions can also be added for short-term grid stability or long-duration renewable time shifting.

The Cat Microgrid Provides an Eco-Friendly Energy Alternative

Cat Microgrids offer a clean, energy-efficient solution to keep people connected, communities growing and industries operating. Some of the many benefits of integrating a Cat Microgrid solution into your community or commercial applications include:

  • Environmental sustainability: By harnessing wind and photovoltaic (PV) energy, modules help offset operation of diesel or gas generators, which lowers fuel consumption and harmful carbon emissions.
  • Cost savings: While fuel and oil prices have continuously skyrocketed over the years, PV modules have become more competitive than ever, saving users money over traditional fuel-powered generation alone.
  • Enhanced performance: The Cat Microgrid system is powered by thin-film solar modules that lead the industry in quality with improved performance over traditional silicon panels.
  • Superior durability: Cat Microgrids can function in all applications and climates, including extreme temperatures and high humidity. The modules feature the same rugged durability that has made Caterpillar a recognized industry leader for over 90 years.

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