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Emissions Solutions

Cost-Effective Power Solutions

Emissions retrofit solutions are also available for power systems engines. Power systems engines are used for a gas compressor, marine applications, power generation, and other industrial applications. The emissions reduction technology used for these products is similar to the emissions solutions used for machines, trucks, and buses. The end result is lower airborne emissions proving, once again, that retrofit technology is a cost-effective solution to reduce emissions for older engines that were not designed to meet today’s tighter emissions standards.

For more information regarding emissions reduction technology, please contact Aaron Israel, Emissions Specialist

NJ Air Quality Check

Normal Testing and Maintenance

1) Check the Air Quality Condition and Forecasts web site after 5:00 pm the day before the normal testing or maintenance is scheduled.

Check Air Quality

2) If anywhere in NJ is classified the following below, the engine can not be started for a normal test or maintenance.

  • Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups Air Quality
  • Unhealthy Air Quality
  • Very Unhealthy Air Quality
  • Hazardous Air Quality

3) Recheck the air quality conditions prior starting the engine on the day which is scheduled normal testing or maintenance to confirm the forecasts.

4) An emergency generator can operate for maintenance and normal testing only on days when the entire State has a classification of the following:

  • Good Air Quality
  • Moderate Air Quality

There is no restriction for the operation of an emergency generator in an emergency regardless of air quality rating.


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