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Powerful by Design – Cat® Batteries

Powerful by Design – Cat® Batteries

Cat® Premium High Output (PHO) and Cat General Service Batteries are built for your toughest jobs— and the harshest climates. They stand up to intense vibration and deliver dependable starting power in any condition or application.

All Cat Batteries are designed and tested rigorously to Caterpillar specifications—the most stringent in the industry. So you’re assured Cat Batteries bring the power and proven performance you need for all your equipment.

Highest Performance Ratings in the Industry

Cat Premium High Output (PHO) Batteries are used in all Cat Equipment and Generator Sets. They are designed with demanding specifications to provide industry leading Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) capability, up to 1500 CCA—and maximum vibration resistance.

They supply sure starting power and last longer in all climates. Due to their high CCAs and reserve capacities, Cat PHO Batteries have the highest performance ratings in the industry.

• Vibration resistance that’s five times the industry standard
• Easier starts because less capacity is used
• Exclusive flat top design of Maintenance Free Accessible PHO Batteries reduces maintenance costs
• Lowest owning and operating costs

Ideal for Various Applications

Cat General Service Batteries provide sure starts, with quality comparable to other top-of-the-line batteries. They are ideal for automotive, light truck, bus, marine, industrial, agricultural, stationary power and recreational usage.

• Deep Cycle and Valve Regulated (VRLA) Gelled or Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) choices
• Optimum acid/paste combination means better charge acceptance after deep discharge
• Silver calcium grids for high temperature automotive usage
• Commercial batteries feature anchor lock elements for vibration resistance

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