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Next Generation Mini Excavators

Lineup of the 10 new Next Generation Mini Excavators

Do you need to do a big job with a small machine?  There are  four micro excavators that pack a lot of power and versatility into this 1-2 ton class, letting you work in tighter spaces with lots of power. 

301.5–  has a canopy, standard tail swing and is in the 1.5-ton class

301.7 CR–  has a compact radius and canopy and in the 1.7-ton class

301.8 – has standard tail swing and options for either a canopy or a cab in the 1.8-ton class

302 CR–  Has a compact radius and option of a canopy or a cab and is in the 2.0-ton class

They boast four new industry- first features:


  • Big LCD monitor
  • Stick Steer (An exclusive feature that allows the operator to switch (with the touch of a button) from conventional lever/foot-pedal steering controls to left-hand joystick control.)
  • Automatic two-speed travel
  • AC on a micro machine



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In the 7-10 ton category, there are six new mini excavators.

307.5 a standard tail swing model with a fixed boom

308 CR – a compact radius model with a swing boom

308 CR VAB–  featuring a variable angle swing boom

309 CR a compact radius, swing boom and high flow auxiliary hydraulics; 309 CR VAB, which adds on the 309 CR’s abilities with a variable angle boom; and 310, featuring a fixed boom, standard tail swing and twin blade cylinders for handling heavy duty tasks.




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