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Economic Dispatch

Economic Dispatch: Beyond Emergency Power

Did you know that by temporarily displacing grid power during a few peak hours each year, you could avoid costly utility “capacity and transmission” charges that amount to $100,000-200,000 savings per MW?

In addition to maintaining your facility reliability, meeting the forecasted system load at the lowest possible cost is one of the key goals in power system operation.

What Is Economic Dispatch in Power Systems?

Economic Dispatch is MORE than emergency power.  It is the ability to dispatch your generator(s), which are normally sitting idle awaiting a utility failure, during peak hours to save on monthly transmission and capacity charges.

What It is NOT:

It is NOT a government or utility program.  There is no registration and no contracts. Rather, it is an opportunity to control your energy cost and find the optimal equipment and services for your facility.

Get Better ROI With the Optimal Dispatch of Power Generators

Traditionally emergency generators do not provide ROI. With economic dispatch now you have payback! Get return on investment by saving on your energy bill that you pay every month.

Our turnkey solutions for optimizing your power dispatch include:

  • Economic dispatch: As part of your energy project, our engineers can develop a tailored solution for monitoring and dispatching.
  • Peak shaving: Take advantage of significant savings and revenue with small adjustments in your dispatch. With peak shaving, your system displaces power during peak hours to maximize savings.
  • Demand response: Peak shaving makes up just one aspect of our comprehensive solutions. Our demand response offerings empower you to manage your usage during high-value opportunities.

These services use reliable Cat power generators to make the most out of your energy resources.

Economic Dispatch Solutions From Foley, Inc. and Our Partners

When you request our dispatch services, we use the power of Cat equipment to change your approach to energy. Let our team of experts and partners provide you with these solutions:

  • Products: Select from a portfolio of products including both diesel and gas generators, switchgear, ATS and more.
  • Maintenance: Explore capabilities of Customer Support Agreements (CSA) and Extended Service Contracts (ESC).
  • Turnkey Services: Engineering, procurement, and construction.
  • Monitoring and Dispatch: Learn the optimal time to use assets, diagnose and control your system remotely.
  • Ownership / Financing: Purchase directly from Foley or finance with our project experts at Cat Finance.
    • Some services may be provided by a 3rd party, facilitated by Foley, Inc.

Onsite Power as a Service Using Microgrid Technology

Foley, Inc. economic dispatch solutions can involve the use of a variety of power generation assets including microgrid equipment. A microgrid system consists of on-site electricity sources that can work with the local power grid or as standalone sources. Your microgrid system from Foley, Inc. will increase your energy resiliency and reliability in emergencies as well as provide flexibility of economic dispatch.

Learn More About Distributed Energy Resources From Foley, Inc.

At Foley, Inc., we help health care, education, government, commercial and industrial clients save on energy. Count on our distributed generation (DG), distributed energy resource (DER) and DER management system (DERMS) solutions for backup power and better ROI.

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Here are some important references about how Foley provides value and puts Economic Dispatch into action, as well as a brochure on how generator sets can be utilized at any time to reduce utility costs and generate revenue.