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Weiler Paving

Weiler Paving Products

Located in Knoxville, Iowa, Weiler manufactures equipment for the paving market. Weiler products are based on proven designs that have a successful track record in the field.

The base designs for the self-propelled road wideners and asphalt windrow elevators were created by Barber-Greene, a company that was purchased by Caterpillar in the early 1990s. Weiler purchased the designs from Cat in 2005 and established the Weiler brand name. Since then, there have made updates based on input from our customers and introduced extensions to both lines. Weiler’s mission is to continue to invest in improvements and fill other needs in the paving market.

Featured Weiler Products
E1250A Elevator

The E1250A allows for non-contact, non-stop paving. Twin interlaced augers remix both size- and temperature-segregated particles and narrow the material to enter the conveyor. The cover over the drop-through position forces all of the material to be mixed by the auger flight. Competitive mixing systems cover and fill the augers, rendering their mixing ability ineffective. This unit is also very versatile allowing for offset paving over barriers, string lines or any obstacle making it difficult to get trucks in front of the paver for inline paving.

CAT C7 – 250 hp, Tier III

49,500 lbs

Elevator Capacity
1,000 tph

Conveyor Capacity
600 tph

P385A Paver

Complimenting the Caterpillar paver lineup is the Weiler P355 8′ paver. This paver is part of an impressive family of durable and reliable road equipment products from Weiler. Simple to operate, with proven performance and powerful results, this paver is built to withstand the rigors of the toughest road jobs while delivering outstanding results.

CAT C3.4 – 83 hp, Tier III

18,000 lbs

Screed Width
8′ – 15′ 8″

Screed Weight
3,000 lbs

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