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GC Diesel Generators

Cat® GC Diesel Generator Sets

Cat® GC Diesel Generator Sets

Maintaining Our Top Quality Product at a Cost Conscious Price

A high-performing Cat® generator provides vital power during an outage. Cat diesel generators are among the most popular standby power sources because of their high efficiency, cost-effectiveness, reliability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Caterpillar has launched a new line of diesel generator sets for stationary standby applications in a range of power ratings. These high-quality GC diesel generator sets deliver the same enhanced performance as the critical application product line with value engineering to reduce installation costs, valuable footprint, freight costs and the cost of ownership. The sets offer an ideal balance of dependable performance and superior features at a reduced cost.

The new models include six options with power ratings from 450 to 715 kVA for 50 Hz applications and six from 350 to 600 kW for 60 Hz applications. Combined with the previous line, the new lineup covers a range from 40 to 600kW for 60Hz applications. Foley Power Systems is proud to offer all generator sets in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and Staten Island, delivering flexibility and increased performance for your unique application.

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Cat GC Diesel Generator Applications

Cat GC diesel generators meet Caterpillar’s strict design and manufacturing standards for reliability, efficiency and productivity. These generator sets offer optimized components and features that deliver increased performance and superior customer value. All of the field-proven Cat engines include best-in-class support from Foley Power Systems.

Cat GC generator sets are perfect for small and medium-size standby applications, including:

  • Health clinics
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Agricultural facilities
  • Municipal operations
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Wastewater treatment facilities and other utility services
  • Commercial enterprises
  • Office buildings

Valued Engineered Solutions

Among the many benefits you’ll experience when purchasing a Cat GC diesel generator are:

  • Multiple locations and experienced technicians to serve you
  • Parts availability: 92% fill rate, 99% overnight
  • Customizable maintenance plans
  • Emissions compliant
  • Excellent transient response and steady-state performance
  • UL 2200 listed
  • Long life to overhaul
  • Open or sound attenuated enclosure is available

Top-of-the-line, high-performance generators like the CAT D600 GC (600 kW) and the CAT D550 GC (550 kW) contain C18 ACERT four-cycle diesel engines. The lower-efficiency generator sets, such as the CAT D300 GC (300 kW) and the CAT D250 GC (250 kW), use CAT C9 ACERT in-line four-cycle engines.

Each generator set includes Caterpillar’s standard two-year warranty for power solutions. We also offer a package of additional extended service coverage options. Additionally, we can supply matching enclosures for operations requiring extra protection from the elements or noise attenuation.

These generators are compatible with Cat Connect Remote Asset Monitoring to provide data visualization, alerts and reporting globally accessible through an easy-to-use web interface.

Model Standby Engine Specs Enclosure  
Cat D40 GC 40 ekW C4.4 Spec Sheets
Cat D50 GC 50 ekW C4.4 Spec Sheets
Cat D60 GC 60 ekW C4.4 Spec Sheets
Cat D80 GC 80 ekW C4.4 Spec Sheets
Cat D100 GC 100 ekW C4.4 Spec Sheets
Cat D125 GC 125 ekW C7.1 Spec Sheets
Cat D150 GC 150 ekW C7.1 Spec Sheets
Cat D175 GC 175 ekW C7.1 Spec Sheets
Cat D200 GC 200 ekW C7.1 Spec Sheets
Cat D250 GC 250 ekW C9 Spec Sheets Enclosure
Cat D300 GC 300 ekW C9 Spec Sheets Enclosure
Cat D350 GC 350 ekW C13 Spec Sheets Enclosure
Cat D400 GC 400 ekW C13 Spec Sheets Enclosure
Cat D450 GC 450 ekW C15 Spec Sheets Enclosure
Cat D500 GC 500 ekW C15 Spec Sheets Enclosure
Cat D550 GC 550 ekW C18 Spec Sheets Enclosure
Cat D600 GC 600 ekW C18 Spec Sheets Enclosure
Cat D800 GC 800 ekW C27 Spec Sheets Enclosure
Cat D1000 GC 1000 ekW C32 Spec Sheets Enclosure
Cat D1250 GC 1250 ekW C32 Spec Sheets Enclosure

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As one of the largest dealers of Cat generators in NJ, PA, DE and Staten Island, Foley Power Systems is committed to providing the highest-quality power systems for reliability, performance and customer value. This latest line of diesel generator sets exemplifies how we stay on pace with innovative industry technology. In addition to offering parts availability through the Cat dealer network, our technicians can provide repair and maintenance services for all aspects of your new equipment.

To request additional information and learn more about how Cat generator sets can benefit your application, contact us online or visit one of our convenient locations today.

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