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New Caterpillar Dozer Nomenclature

A D6 Cat dozer in color in a black-and-white setting

With a dependable dozer in your equipment fleet, you can take on anything from demolition to earthmoving to excavation with efficiency and ease.

At Foley, Inc., we’re your destination for high-quality Cat® dozers that set the standard for performance and durability. We give companies the opportunity to buy, rent, lease or rent-to-own their machines of choice based on their individualized dozing needs.

Cat® Dozer Names

Foley, Inc., is excited to announce that Caterpillar has recently changed its dozer nomenclature for its full product line. This new initiative to simplify Cat dozer names was established to make the equipment acquisition process easier and more straightforward for customers while promoting faster product development.

Initially, Cat dozers were named with letter modifiers to differentiate machines that existed within the same size class, such as D6T, D6N and D6K2. Recently, Caterpillar decided to remove the letters in dozer names and arrange them from smallest to largest, with only one model per class size. This nomenclature gives customers a better, more straightforward idea of how machines compare to one another within the dozer lineup.

When you browse our revamped dozer selection, you’ll enjoy a brand-new designation featuring shorter model numbers for a smoother buying experience.

Caterpillar Dozer Models Explained

Our Cat dozers allow industrial companies to boost productivity on the job site with efficient operation and innovative features. Take a look at our renamed machines to learn more about our new Cat dozer model numbers.

Small Dozers

Small Cat® dozer next to a diagram showing how small Cat® dozer names have changed

Our small dozers are versatile and compact, boasting exceptional speed, power and precision that make them perfect for any task demanding exceptional performance. These dozers are particularly suited for residential applications such as road sloping, backfilling, landscaping, lot clearing and grading.

Our Cat small dozer selection includes these new model numbers:

  • D1: D3K2 and D3K
  • D2: D4K2 and D4K
  • D3: D5K2 and D5k

Some of the many benefits of these updated dozers include:

  • D1: Cat D1 dozers exhibit increased visibility for operators, exceptionally low fuel consumption and improved grade control features and machine balance.
  • D2: Similar to the D1, the small D2 dozer has excellent grading performance, a comfortable cab for increased operator comfort, advanced Cat Grade technology and a durable undercarriage.
  • D3: The D3 dozer features a high-tech touchscreen display camera, a hydrostatic transmission for seamless acceleration and user-friendly operation.


Medium Dozers

Medium Cat® dozer next to a diagram showing how medium Cat® dozer names have changed

Medium Cat dozers promote increased fuel efficiency and easier maintenance, with sustainable features that reduce owning and operating costs. Our Next Generation dozers comprise advanced Cat Grade technology designed for enhanced operator speed and accuracy, with a high-drive electric drive that’s the first of its size class.

The new Cat dozer nomenclature for our medium models includes:

  • D4: D6K2 and D6K
  • D5: D6N and D5R2
  • D6: D6T and D6R2
  • D7: D7E and D7R

These models come with numerous innovative features, including:

  • D4: Cat D4 dozers have twin turbochargers and a hydrostatic transmission for optimal performance and fuel efficiency. They also boast high maneuverability, smooth riding, advanced Cat GRADE technology and convenient maintenance point accessibility.
  • D5: This dozer delivers next-generation performance with improved steering, tighter turns, added horsepower and maximum fuel efficiency. It also boasts comfortable operating conditions, greater durability and low maintenance costs.
  • D6: The D6 medium dozer has up to 20% better fuel efficiency, increased operator comfort, numerous built-in safety features and excellent waste handling performance.
  • D7: D7 dozers maintain high drive performance, boost operator efficiency, have a heavy frame for greater durability and can be remotely operated with Cat COMMAND.


Large Dozers

Large Cat® dozer next to a diagram showing how large Cat® dozer names have changed

We carry large dozers that can handle even the most demanding tasks. Our dozers feature elevated sprockets that raise powertrain components and final drives to distance them from rough terrain. These machines are built to boost productivity, simplify maintenance, and reduce downtime and operating costs.

You can find our large dozers under these new model numbers:

  • D8: D8T and D8R
  • D9: D9T and D9R
  • D10: D10T2
  • D11: D11T

With our large Cat dozers, you’ll add numerous advantages to your fleet, such as:

  • D8: Cat D8 dozers employ easy operation for advanced safety and productivity, excellent power steering, minimized maintenance and repair time, and enhanced waste handling performance.
  • D9: Our large D9 dozers deliver low owning and operating costs, are highly versatile to suit countless applications and are designed for optimal comfort and safety.
  • D10: The Cat D10 dozer exhibits improved fuel consumption, more safety anchorage points, blade control features and a 20% to 40% service life increase.
  • D11: The large D11 dozer comes with exceptional operator safety and comfort, maximum durability, simplified maintenance and repair, and optimal productivity.


Incorporate Cat Dozers Into Your Fleet Today

You can purchase high-efficiency Cat dozers for all your needs at Foley, Inc. With our new Cat dozer model numbers, you’ll enjoy a smoother and simpler purchasing process. We are the only authorized Cat dealer in New Jersey, northern Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania and Staten Island, New York. We have locations in Piscataway and Hammonton, New Jersey, Whitehall and Bensalem, Pennsylvania, and Bear, Delaware.

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