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The Cat® App

Cat App | Equipment Management in the Palm of Your Hand

Since you’re always on the go throughout the work day, having access to your equipment data used to be a challenge. The new Cat® app gives you convenient access to this data, allowing for comprehensive management in the palm of your hand, anytime, anywhere.

Features of the Cat Equipment App

The Cat app is the companion app for My.Cat.Com. As a lightweight telematics tool, the Cat app displays location, asset hours and basic fleet information. Its streamlined and simplified data is delivered right to your phone, so you can be in the know wherever you are.

Its features include:

  • “Self serve” components: You can take care of Product Link™ device ordering and installation instructions.
  • Customizable push notifications: Set up push notifications for machine operating conditions.
  • Planned services: Establish upcoming planned services, based on factors like machine operation hours, to schedule services at optimal times.
  • Fault codes: Fault codes will warn you about critical service issues that need your attention to prevent major downtime.
  • Different time intervals: You can set up unique time intervals for event notifications to ensure the best impact for your work environment.
  • Access multiple Caterpillar systems: The Cat app is your gateway to Caterpillar programs like Parts.Cat.Com.
  • Keyless start: For Next Generation Cat machines, you can utilize keyless start technology.
  • Connect with Foley, Inc.: Easily connect with the team at Foley, Inc. for maintenance needs and more.


Benefits of Using the Caterpillar Mobile App

The Cat app is the future of fleet diagnostics. The advantages of using the equipment management app by Caterpillar include:

  • 24/7 management: With updated data immediately available, you can monitor your machine locations and functionality at any time.
  • Quickly respond to service issues: Push notifications alert you to component and service issues, allowing you to react quicker to fault code alerts than ever before.
  • Maximize your uptime on site: The app’s features allow you to complete tasks quickly and dedicate more time to your business.
  • Unique experiences for everyone: The Cat app is available in 35 languages for fleet owners across the globe.

Contact Foley, Inc. for More Information About the Construction Equipment Management App

The Caterpillar mobile app is an innovative way to keep on top of your management tasks wherever you are. Take advantage of this new technology today by downloading the Cat App through the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

Once downloaded, you may log into the app with your My.Cat.Com information to load your stored Cat machine data. If you’re a new user, you can click “Get Started” to sign up and enter your equipment.

To learn more about the Caterpillar app, contact Foley, Inc.

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