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Proudly serving New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware and Staten Island!

You demand a lot from an excavator- and you should. When it comes to moving material quickly and efficiently, you need the groundbreaking power found on Cat excavators.  When excavators are operating at peak efficiency, the rest of your fleet can too.

Cat excavators set the bar for digging depth, reach and lift capacity. Our inventory of rental and excavators for sale includes mini, small, medium and heavy-duty excavators. If you are looking to rent or buy and excavator in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and Staten Island, start your search here.

Here are some features and benefit of Cat excavators for sale at Foley:

  • Powerful digging force makes every bucket load count
  • Faster cycle times means trucks get loaded quicker
  • Enhanced hydraulics make moving heavy materials easy
  • Work tool versatility enables you to take on a variety of tasks
  • Flexible power modes for reduced fuel consumption

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