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Compressed Air

Air compressors are critical to many businesses and job sites, providing the required power to operate necessary equipment and tools. With air compressor rentals from Foley Power Systems Rentals at your location, your employees will remain efficient and your customers happy. We supply professionals from an array of fields with durable, well-built compressors from the finest manufacturers in the industry.

When Should You Rent an Air Compressor?

Buying equipment isn’t always the best option to take. A large purchase can have a significant impact on your budget, making it more challenging to invest in key areas to continue growing. An industrial air compressor rental is a cost-effective way to put the tools you need in the hands of your employees. Whether you rent a unit for a few days or a couple of months, you’ll eliminate the need to shell out extra cash on storage or maintenance while adding newfound flexibility to your company.

Reasons you might decide to rent an air compressor include:

  • Tackle one-off jobs
  • Free up capital
  • Offer extra customer services
  • Handle increased demand

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Our Impressive Air Compressor Inventory

Foley Power Systems Rentals is your one-stop shop for all your rental air compressor needs in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware and Staten Island. Whether you’re repairing a road, sandblasting to prepare for painting or cleaning equipment, our experts will provide the right tool for the job. We supply low-hour, commercial-grade models from brands like Atlas Copco and Sullair, and every unit is carefully maintained to keep it in peak condition. We always test our rentals before releasing them, ensuring you get a power source your team can count on.

  • Atlas Copco Air Compressors: We have a variety of Atlas Copco air compressors available for rent and for sale to any operator requiring air power on demand. We customize solutions to your specific environment.
  • Sullair Air Compressors: Powered by Cat® engines, Sullair portable air compressor packages provide reliable, clean, dry air for almost any application. These powerful, mobile machines range in size from 750 to 1600 cfm (cubic feet per minute, air volume) and come in multiple configurations for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Our portable compressors are easily towable and generate anywhere from 185 to 1150 cfm at psi ranges from 100 to 125. If you aren’t sure which model is best for your application, our experts will be happy to help you determine the ideal solution.

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900 HAF Portable Air Compressor

Dimensions: L: 15' 9" x W: 7' 2" x H: 6' 9"
Weight: 10,600 lbs.
Air Output: 900 cfm
Other: 150 PSI after cooled and filtered
Rated Pressure: 150 psig
Fuel Tank Capacity: 120
Fuel Consumption (GPH): 12.7

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900 XHH Portable Air Compressor

Dimensions: L: 20' x W: 7' 3" x H: 7' 6"
Weight: 16,040 lbs.
Air Output: 900 cfm - 1150 cfm
Other: 350 or 500 PSI after cooled and filtered
Rated Pressure: 350 - 500 psig
Fuel Tank Capacity: 245
Fuel Consumption (GPH): 24.8

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1600 HAF Portable Air Compressor

Dimensions: L: 20' x W: 7' 3" x H: 7' 7"
Weight: 16,620 lbs.
Air Output: 1,600 cfm
Other: 150 PSI after cooled and filtered
Rated Pressure: 150 psig
Fuel Tank Capacity: 190
Fuel Consumption (GPH): 24.8

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Air Compressor Rentals

Find the Air Compressor Rentals You Need at Foley Power Systems Rentals

Foley Power Systems Rentals is a leading power generation and rental equipment provider for customers across countless industries, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Food and beverage
  • Golf course maintenance services (irrigation services)
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Pipeline construction and services
  • Ship building and repair
  • Steel and aluminum plants
  • And more

Since 1957, our family-owned operation has been committed to providing customers with first-class service. We offer flexible short- and long-term rental terms, as well as other agreements, to fit your budget and project requirements.

Our factory-trained technicians offer support throughout the entire duration of your terms, performing any repairs or maintenance you might require to maximize your uptime on the job. If you don’t see the unit you need, we can leverage the Cat® dealer network of more than 1,300 locations to find what you’re looking for and get it to you quickly.

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