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Introducing My.Cat.Com

My.Cat.Com makes managing your operation easy. All your equipment data is consolidated in one place with a single login, making it easy to access important fleet information wherever you go, so you can make smart decisions about your equipment and business. Here you can view all of your assets, work orders, rental orders, maintenance alerts, Cat inspection reports and more for free!

Key Features

  • Monitor your entire fleet (not just CAT machines) in one place
  • Monitor location, hours, events and fuel on units subscribed to Cat Daily or Vision Link
  • Check a machine’s parts & service history
  • Review results from Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS)
  • Verify warranty or Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) coverage and extend a Customer Support Agreement (CSA)
  • Manage your rental equipment
  • Access/ review Operation & Maintenance Manuals (OMMs)
  • Transfer planned maintenance parts to Parts.Cat.Com
  • Request service and quotes for items such as PM’s

Avoid Unplanned Downtime With Cat® Daily Access

Cat Daily is a telematics subscription within My.Cat.Com that gives you the ability to monitor asset data and helps you better mange your fleet. It helps protect your fleet by providing access to essential data on equipment integrity. This free Product Link subscription includes daily updates on hours, location, events, downtime at fleet level, and fuel consumption.

5 Ways Using Equipment Data Can Help Improve Your Operations

Heavy equipment is the muscle of your construction business. Using machine data to manage your fleet will help to keep your operations in shape and make your business more competitive.

  1. Look for Excess Idle Time: Use equipment data to compare idle vs. working time, then move equipment around to keep it busy.
  2. Right-Size your Fleet: Idle time tracking can tell you when you can get by with fewer machines and still get your work done. It will also help you see where you need to add a machine to
    reduce work bottlenecks.
  3.  See the Big Picture: Bring all your fleet data together in one place. Getting a big-picture fleet overview can help you identify duplicated efforts and inefficient maintenance practices.
  4. Plan Service to Avoid Surprises: Use electronic scheduling to plan service and maintenance downtime around your production schedule. Don’t wait for a machine to break down unexpectedly and stop your work in its tracks.
  5. Train you Operators to be Aware: Get your operators to pay attention to in-cab equipment alerts. Quick action by an operator can help keep a machine out of the shop and on the job.

React Faster with the new Cat® App

The new Cat mobile app is designed to be the companion app to the My.Cat.Com web portal. The allows you a quick and easy way to contact Foley, manage your equipment and access multiple Caterpillar systems (e.g. Parts.Cat.Com).  Designed to be a light weight telematics tool – the Cat app displays basic fleet information, asset hours and location. Additional features include “self serve” product link device ordering/install instructions, and keyless start for next generation Cat machines.

Download the Cat App today by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Common My.Cat.Com Questions

What kind of information can I access? What if I have more equipment than the Cat® brand? Find out the answers to these and other frequently asked questions.

Get Answers

Ready to check it out? If you are an existing PartStore, Parts.Cat.Com or Fluid Analysis (SOS) user you can sign into My.Cat.Com with the same username and password. Your account will be connected with full access within 24 hours.

New Users

  • Click the subscribe today link below
  • Click the sign-up link
  • Complete form
  • Receive confirmation email/link
  • You will have limited access to your My.CAT.Com account until your information is verified and connected by Foley. Usually within 24 hours.

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